• To help Keep North Charleston Beautiful (KNCB)  continue to enhance the beauty of North Charleston by providing beautiful gardens that people can visit while learning about sustainable planting and butterfly gardening.


  • To help KNCB offer many programs that allow the community to engage in making North Charleston more beautiful. Some of these programs are the award-winning Clean Cities Sweep program, the Flowerscape program, weekly garden volunteer events, educational field trips to the Park Circle Butterfly Garden, providing free litter pickup kits to community groups doing litter pickups, and organizing larger community volunteer events throughout the year. These programs encourage the community to volunteer and be good environmental stewards.


  • KNCB is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and your donation is tax-deductible as outlined in section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Service Code.


"Having students take the classroom outdoors to apply their learning is more meaningful than anything a textbook could offer. I am fortunate to have the KNCB project as an annual tradition in our biology classes."

- Charleston School of the Arts


“With our new school building this year, we have focused a lot of effort on teaching students to take pride in their school building and this program was very helpful in reinforcing it. The Clean Cities Sweep program was a wonderful way to encourage students to take ownership of their school. Since the trash pickup portion of the program took place, there has been noticeably less trash left on the playgrounds."

- Chicora Elementary

"Clean Cities Sweep is a great program! It brings the community together for a group project to be proud of. We look forward each year to work with this awesome project that KNCB continues to bring to the City with such great sponsors and partners."

- Dorchester Terrace


This is a small sample of the feedback KNCB has received from past program participants. (To read more feedback, click here.)




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17,300 volunteers working to make North Charleston bloom with beauty!
49,000 pounds of litter and debris picked up by dedicated volunteers
2,593 flowers and trees planted in North Charleston