Below is just some of the great feedback we have received from groups that have participated in the Clean Cities Sweep.


"This project truly impacted our whole school. All of the students were involved in a school wide cleanup, which helped them take responsibility for their campus and gave them an appreciation for keeping the Earth clean. The garden helped teach the students that they have to work hard to get what they plant. Most of these students had never used garden tools or planted any plants. They learned to sow, weed, and water a garden to make it grow. One 4th grade student, who was from Argentina and spoke no English, really took a hold on the garden! His teacher said he was reminded of helping his family back in Argentina and he would ask daily to go work in the garden. He works hard on it and has made new friends from teaching them how to use the garden."



"The project was able to tie in with our biology courses that taught about the carbon cycle. As the curriculum illustrates the need to reduce atmospheric carbon, the students realized that planting plants like trees and flowers is the best way to improve the beauty of an urbanized area while reversing the carbon footprint and its impact. Making those connections while digging in the soil was more impactful than any lecture or video on the same content. I must say thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this project. Having students take the classroom outdoors to apply their learning is more meaningful than anything a textbook could offer. I am fortunate to have the KNCB project as an annual tradition in our biology classes."



"With our new school building this year, we have focused a lot of effort on teaching students to take pride in their school building and this program was very helpful in reinforcing it. The Clean Cities Sweep program was a wonderful way to encourage students to take ownership of their school. Since the trash pickup portion of the program took place, there has been noticeably less trash left on the playgrounds. Our students have very limited access to fresh fruits and vegetables in the neighborhood they live in. For many of our students, their diets consist largely of fast food or processed foods that are available at convenience stores in the neighborhood. Starting a school garden where students can see how food is grown empowers them to get back in touch with where food comes from. It exposes them to fresh and healthy foods. It also provides an opportunity for conversations about the importance of including fresh foods in one's diet daily. It makes students aware of the role they play in keeping their school and neighborhood clean. They also learn about growing food and the importance that each organism can play in an ecosystem from the people that plant the food to the insects that help pollinate it. Thank you so much for allowing Chicora Elementary to participate!"



"Clean Cities Sweep is a great program! It brings the community together for a group project to be proud of.  We look forward each year to work with this awesome project that KNCB continues to bring to the city with such great sponsors and partners."



"We love the Clean Sweep in the Dorchester Waylyn. It is a great way to come together for a positive cause that we are all impacted by in a great way! It has inspired us to not just participate in the Clean Cities Sweep but to make it an ongoing effort!"



"This is our school's letter of thanks and support to the Clean Cities Sweep. 2013 was the first year we participated and it truly was beneficial to us. We used the grant of $100 we received to buy supplies to aid in the fruit tree orchard we had planted on campus earlier in the year. Our orchard is growing better because of these supplies and the help from Clean Cities Sweep. Our students are learning the value of food production, self-sustainability, our environment, and many other important life lessons. Our school and community are beautified by this project and more oxygen is going into the air we all breathe. We hope to be able to participate again and that Clean Cities Sweep will be available as a resource for many years to come and grow in its scope and ability to help us and the many other schools who participate. Caring for and improving our environment is crucial to our well-being and survival. Programs like Cities Clean Sweep are vital to this effort."



"Our classes are small and students rarely get the chance to interact with each other and work cooperatively. Clean Cities Sweep makes that experience possible for our students. We took our most challenging class outside to work with our nonverbal students in the autism class. Each student was paired with a student from the other class. The students were taught sign language to communicate with their partners. One student commented, "They're not dumb, they're different." The challenging class quickly learned how bright and motivated our autism class is and were surprised at their abilities. Our challenging class was gentle and patient with students who were different from them. Gardening is the perfect way to bring people together."



"The Clean Cities Sweep program was very helpful to us. Having people coming together to clean the park and help the community was a positive experience."



"This project is one of the highlights of the year for my students. They are extremely happy going to Lowe's as a field trip, planting the flowers, and especially going outside on a daily basis to water. Watering the plants is part of their daily curriculum and is enjoyed by all. We learn about each plant as part of our science curriculum and create classroom projects and posters in tandem with the flower bed project."



"Our neighborhoods, communities, and city are much cleaner than when the annual Clean Cities Sweep program first began. Clean Cities Sweep helped to organize volunteers to work together and get more done in each neighborhood area. Contest initiatives created more incentives to compete and excel while realizing the results of the labor donated by those who live nearby resulting in a decrease of crime. Those who are criminals know that a clean neighborhood is one in which citizens are watchful and will report suspected wrongdoers. The program also helps those who cannot do for themselves by encouraging others to help them. Sponsors help with gift cards to fund the projects that many neighborhoods cannot afford. Meeting together and working to make the neighborhood cleaner and better gives us pride and makes us feel like we are a positive part of the solution."



"The impact of Clean Cities Sweep is ongoing! For the first time, many of our students got to experience growing and observing food being grown. It was exciting for our students to pick fresh blueberries off of a bush and eat them. One highlight involved a student who was truly angry at life (due to several deaths in his family). He felt as though another student was bullying him and became very angry. Teachers and Administration intervened early on and allow the student to spend some time in the character room. He was able to pedal on a bicycle while reciting character words and then went to work on the Generosity Character Garden so he could be a part of creating life. This student walked away with no fights nor office referrals and discovered a positive outlet for all his built-up anger, frustration, and energy."



"This program is brilliant! This project encouraged some of the students to go home and plant personal gardens, whether it was flower beds or fruit and vegetable gardens. Each child enjoyed being able to get dirty for a good cause and had a sense of pride about making their class flower box more beautiful than before. This program was a wonderful way for children to get in touch with nature. They learned about how plants grow and how they affect us in nature. They enjoyed being able to touch and smell the flowers as well as securing the plants in the dirt with their hands. We incorporate it into our lesson plans in order to teach the importance of keeping the city clean and beautiful, along with learning techniques and facts. This is an awesome opportunity!"



"This program allows us to take on tasks that we normally would not be able to participate in without the contributions and supplies provided by the City and sponsors."



"This was one of the most well run events I have ever had the privilege of participating in. The level of experience on the part of the staff shows. Instructions are clearly communicated and staff is always available to answer questions. The Clean Cities Sweep program fosters pride in the school community by giving students ownership of their campus."



"Clean Cities Sweep projects are awesome. Our projects have stimulated citizen participation.  For example, the Pepperhill school project improved community relations and the kids were excited to take care of the plant beds.  Club members maintain our beds by weeding, mulching, edging, and cutting the grass as needed.  This has resulted in more pride and enhanced quality of life making Pepperhill a more desirable place to live."



"The school absolutely loved participating in this program. It encouraged students and staff to look beyond our grounds and see how we can make our area more beautiful. We are truly embracing the Clean Cities Sweep mentality and continue to embrace God's beautiful creations."



"Clean Sweep Cities is a wonderful program for communities in North Charleston. It allows residents to take pride in their community."