The most important key to a successful project is to start early and make plans. Know your project and the area you will be working in before you start. Make sure your project location is appropriate for your volunteer group.


  • To help with your project planning, follow KNCB's Facebook page as we will be spotlighting projects and tips that may be helpful or pertinent to your event.



  • Plan for sustainability. This is a top priority in all beautification projects. When doing a litter cleanup, think about how you will keep the area clean after your .event is completed.


  • Recruit volunteers for your project. Your neighbors, friends, and co-workers may jump at a chance to give back to the community. Some other suggestions are military personnel, local businesses, and churches. Some ways you can promote your event are through word of mouth, flyers, newsletters, websites, social media, meeting announcements, and school calendars.

  • Secure all the tools and equipment you will need to complete your project. Some items you may find useful are: brooms, shovels, rakes, safety vests, gloves, trash bags, and lawn & leaf bags for landscape debris. If you need any items, ask for donations from area businesses. Send a donation request letter well in advance stating your specific need and then follow up with a call or visit. You may also ask local restaurants or grocery stores to donate refreshments for your event. (Click here to view a sample donation request letter.)

  • Plan a trash and treasure hunt as part of your cleanup. Ask local businesses or neighbors to donate gift certificates or small prizes. Mark pieces of trash with a sticker saying “Redeem for Prize!” Volunteers who find and bring back these pieces of trash at the end of the cleanup get to choose their treasure.

  • Make a plan to separate recyclable materials from trash. Remember to properly dispose of the recyclables.

  • Remember that you will need to fill out a post-event report. Be sure to count the number of trash bags collected and note if any bulky items were picked up. This information is crucial to promoting cleanups in the community and recognizing volunteers’ efforts.

  • Make sure that all of your volunteers sign in on your liability release. Please make sure that no photographs are taken of volunteers who have not signed a liability release.

  • After your project is complete, it is time to start implementing your sustainability plan. Make sure the area you cleaned stays litter-free and beautiful.


  •  ​​​Lastly, have a fun, safe, and rewarding CCS project. Remember to take lots of photographs and thank your sponsors and volunteers for their support and hard work. Thank you for helping us make North Charleston bloom with beauty!