For neighborhoods only, debris will be picked up on your regular sanitation pickup day. Please follow normal sanitation guidelines as listed on the City of North Charleston's website. The most up-to-date debris guidelines can be found on the City of North Charleston's website.

The City does not pick up garbage from commercial or industrial establishments. Non-residential properties or businesses must provide for disposal of trash and garbage.

If your project site is not on the normal North Charleston sanitation route, please let us know the exact location so we can send it to the sanitation department. This is crucial to ensure that your debris is picked up.


Federal and state regulations provide strict disposal guidelines.


Trash must be separated according to the following categories:


  • White Goods and Metal Goods - This includes refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, window air conditioners, water heaters, and similar items. For safety, refrigerators and freezers must be placed with the doors removed.

  • Furniture and Building Materials - No more than 90 gallons of building materials will be collected on any single collection day.

  • Logs, Limbs, Brush, and Stumps - The size of such materials is limited to four feet in length and six inches in diameter.

  • Leaves and Grass Clippings - The City encourages home composting of leaves and grass clippings; however, leaves and grass clippings will be picked up if they are placed in paper bags in a separate pile. Plastic bags will NOT be collected.

  • Concrete - the City will pick up no more than 3 cubic feet of concrete.





The City can not pick up e-waste, lead acid batteries, auto parts of any kind, shingles, or hazardous materials including batteries, paint, paint containers, oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, petroleum products and chemicals, bricks, tile, creosote treated items, large stumps and logs, or pressurized containers.

The City does not collect E-Waste curbside. E-Waste can be discarded in a marked dumpster at the North Charleston Public Works facility.

The City will not pick up trash generated by contractors, landscapers, businesses, or other non-residential trash generators.